Mobirise Gold Star Testimonials

Mobirise Gold Star Testimonials
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Product Information
Ultimately easy to install and use control panel.
Ultimately easy to add the testimonials widget to your site pages.

Fully Responsive and compatible with Mobirise 

Easy to Customise 
Using the Testimonials Control Panel you can easily configure the testimonials block
You can add Photos in the right site of the panel to enhance the page view via the Code Editor by following the easy to follow guide.

Unlimited Testimonials
Any number of testimonials can be added.
You can choose to have new testimonials automatically approved or require admin approval before they are displayed online.
Admin can remove any inappropriate posts.
Email sent to admin when a new testimonial has been posted.

Easy SetUp 
Simply publish the Control Panel files as per the guide, and add a blank databasevia cPanel. Run the setup and add the code to ypur page. 
No coding knowledge required. 


System requirements

What you need to use the system: 

Web Server with PHP 5.4 or later 
PHP MySqli extension 
PHP mailsend enabled server
One MySql database 
Mobirise 4.5.x or Later with Mobirise 4 Theme 
Mobirise Code Editor Extension

Control Panel - An easy to Install control panel in a sub-folder of your main site.
The control panel allows you to manage your widgets look, feel and size easily from an online page. You can also manage which testimonials are visible with one click, and delete inappropriate ones easily.
Support and Help - We pride ourselves on our support, and FREE support is included.
* Mobirise and the Mobirise Logo are trademarks of and are acknowledged as such.
* Google is a trademark of Google Inc. and is acknowledged.
Product CodeMOBIGSTV2I
ManufacturerRichoSoft Squared


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