Fixed Enhanced LightBox - No scroll on page scroll

Fixed Enhanced LightBox - No scroll on page scroll
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Product Information

Fixed Enhanced Lightbox Position

If you would like your lightbox to stay in the same place relative to the browser window and not scroll when the page is scrolled then this trick is for you. In addition this will use my enhanced version of the WebPlus lightbox.
Try the demo here

The lightbox will always appear centered horizontally and same distance from top of browser window, so always in view, and will not scroll when the page scrolls.


How to install:

  •     Download the Asset Pack
  •     Create two folders in your site WPP (if not already there) called js and images.
  •     Open the Asset Pack and drag the asset to the top left of your page (or masterpage if you want the effect on all pages with a lightbox)
  •     Create your lightbox links as usual.
  •     Publish the pages.
  •     Job Done!

I hope you find these useful.

Product CodeFXDLBNS1
ManufacturerRichoSoft Ultimate


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