Ace Tournament System X8 (For Serif WebPlus X8)

Ace Tournament System X8 (For Serif WebPlus X8)
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Product Information

Knockout Tournament System

  • Ultimately easy to install and use with full security.
  • Totally automatic grid creation with easy on page update of winners..
  • Up to 128 Players/Teams in standard Tournament. Unlimited with multi venue tournament (e.g. More than 1 table,board, court etc).
  • Ultimate quality, lowest prices and unrivalled service, give you the best deal you will find anywhere.
Works with PHP V5.6 or earlier Not suitable for PHP7

The system creates knockout tournaments that can be used for games such as Darts, Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Snooker, Pool and more.
For a single ‘venue’ event (By ‘venue’ I mean one available dart board, one available pool table etc, for all games to play), the system can handle up to 128 players. For multi ‘venue’ events (e.g 4 available dart boards, 4 tennis courts etc) the system can handle 128 players per ‘venue’ (board,court etc). So if you have say 4 tennis courts to use for a knockout tennis tournament, then it can handle up to 512 players, 8 tennis courts 1,024 players etc.

To keep player selection fair, and ensure fairness on byes (where applicable), the system uses random numbers allocated to players when the tournament grids are calculated. These numbers are completely random and are used to decide the player’s position within the grid.
The grid size is automatically determined depending on the number of signed in/active players in a Tournament or Venue Tournament. For example if there are 8 players then the grid will consist of 4 matches in round 1, 7 players will also provide a 4 match grid with one match having a bye. 9-16 players would produce an 8 match round 1, 17-32 a 16 match first round, 33-64 a 32 match firs round etc.

If you have say 4 boards in a dart tournament and 32 players, then 4 x 8 match grids would be created, 34 players would result in 2 x 16 match grids and 2 X 8 match grids.
If byes are needed they will, where possible start from position 8 in the grid, however if there are more byes than can start at position 8 then they will start at position 4.
In a multi ‘venue’ tournament, an empty grid for the finals will be created to use when the ‘Legs’ have been completed. For example, if you had 4 boards in a darts tournament, once the 4 ‘venues’ have been completed you will have 4 Board (venue) Champions. You then enter these four names into the Finals grid and make them active, create the grid and you then have a grid for semi-finals and finals to determine the overall Tournament Champion.

More Details

Product CodeACETSX8
ManufacturerRichoSoft Squared


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