Digitalis rocks. Thank you for creating this file sharing tool. Digitalis allows me to share files with others using a link in an email. I can now share files for others to see and download. It is easy to set up and use. Way easier than uploading files to the cloud then making the folder sharable and sending a link. Simple to set up, easy to use. It's like the ultimate file player. This is a must have for anyone who shares files with others or who needs to organize files for a project. It does what a winning software does: Easy to use by the admin; It works; and, World-Class experience for the client. Steve Riches and Richosoft have hit another one out of the park --- Digitalis is a home run! If you need to share files, you can now share them from your own mini-cloud. It's a must-have for anyone who frequently shares files for viewing or download. Best project management tool of 2020. I give it a full 10 out of 10. 
Doc Palmere
13th of August 2020
 ..I would like to really thanks you Steve, new cpanel and website working perfect! Happy Customer, and your support has not gone un-noticed, Thanks so much for taking the time to help! .. 
Ryan Fitzpatrick
22nd of June 2020
 Hi Steve, just wanted to congratulate you on a great new website! Also V.I.P. membership... 
Joan Ewart
26th of January 2020
 ...Thanks for providing this excellent software!.. ...It worked fine and Avast didn’t have a problem with it!... 
Chris Smith
14th of September 2019
 ..Many thanks for making all the changes. Really happy with the new website. You have done a fantastic job!... 
Tracey Holloway
27th of August 2019
 ..Thanks very much Steve! Thanks for being so responsive and available... 
Glen Setchfield
18th of August 2019
 ..Thanks indeed Steve for your effort, patience, quick replies and your kindness in replies. I really appreciate your support SO MUCH, and I wish you best of the best... 
Omar Ghali
11th of July 2019
 Thanks VERY much Steve, All steps done and downloaded the latest version. Your customer service is brilliant and much appreciated!..... . thought to check your program update. And it worked brilliantly!!!! Can’t say how pleased we are and what a relief this is , PLUS the speed of which you answer emails and offer support. Thank you very much indeed. Would buy you a singha beer for sure! Have a wonderful day, you sure made mine! 
Nathalie Koobs
10th of June 2019
 RE: MobicleanPro - All is good and thanks for making such useful, well thought and needed software.... 
6th of December 2018
 I too thank you for your work with us over the past year. I have learned so much and appreciate all the bells and whistles you added to the membership system. 
Ann MacKay
19th of November 2018
 Have just purchased Mobiclean PRO, great program, Thanks and keep it up Steve. 
Jodie Adamson
1st of May 2018
 I just love the possiblity of adding a testimopnail on my site. Is this cechecked or just added? 
sally Field
29th of April 2018
 ...Wow, you are fast! Thank you very much for your „turbo help“. And have a lovely and sunny weekend…  
Dirk Hessel
7th of April 2018
 ...Thank you very much for your return, I was very happy!...Many thanks Steve, and the program is wonderful!... 
Fabricio Sindice
12th of February 2018
 ..I purchased Mobirise ULTIMATE PRO ADVANCED reCaptcha2 Contact Form Extension (MOBULTPROADV). It is my second contact form from Richosoft I purchased and I love it...  
Karlos Callens
9th of February 2018
 ...Steve, you’re a genius. Thank you so much. Mail works, test message sent and received. Messages work I am so very grateful, you have no idea!....  
Anthony Thomas
6th of February 2018
 ... Wow, that is just excellent service!! What a quick answer, really appreciated. Think you are right on the ball (no doubt again) and I misread instructions ! Have re-run program and all seems good to go now. Thanks so much Steve, really appreciate your quick reply.... 
24th of October 2017
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