RE: MobicleanPro - All is good and thanks for making such useful, well thought and needed software.... 
6th of December 2018
 I too thank you for your work with us over the past year. I have learned so much and appreciate all the bells and whistles you added to the membership system. 
Ann MacKay
19th of November 2018
 Have just purchased Mobiclean PRO, great program, Thanks and keep it up Steve. 
Jodie Adamson
1st of May 2018
 I just love the possiblity of adding a testimopnail on my site. Is this cechecked or just added? 
sally Field
29th of April 2018
 ...Wow, you are fast! Thank you very much for your „turbo help“. And have a lovely and sunny weekend…  
Dirk Hessel
7th of April 2018
 ...Thank you very much for your return, I was very happy!...Many thanks Steve, and the program is wonderful!... 
Fabricio Sindice
12th of February 2018
 ..I purchased Mobirise ULTIMATE PRO ADVANCED reCaptcha2 Contact Form Extension (MOBULTPROADV). It is my second contact form from Richosoft I purchased and I love it...  
Karlos Callens
9th of February 2018
 ...Steve, you’re a genius. Thank you so much. Mail works, test message sent and received. Messages work I am so very grateful, you have no idea!....  
Anthony Thomas
6th of February 2018
 ... Wow, that is just excellent service!! What a quick answer, really appreciated. Think you are right on the ball (no doubt again) and I misread instructions ! Have re-run program and all seems good to go now. Thanks so much Steve, really appreciate your quick reply.... 
24th of October 2017
 ..Just wanted to thank you (again) for the Mobiclean Pro program. After using it daily for several weeks now, I have to say it has been worth every penny! Besides all the features it offers, on one of my larger websites that used to take literally 15-20 minutes to upload before using your program, now takes less than a minute! WOW!!! I'll even access the website after uploading to make sure everything is there! lol I use your program on my Win7 with v3.1.2 and Win10 with v4.3.4). Both work perfect! I'll be accessing your resourceful website for more gems!! Keep up the great work...  
Kully Mobirise Forum
20th of October 2017
 The RichoSoft contact form Extension for Mobirise is a complete lifesaver!!!!!!!! who in their right minds would like their emails to say Mobirise??? with the standard Mobirise Form, Looks really spammy and unprofessional. Happy with my purchase :)  
Linda MacDonald
5th of September 2017
 ...On all occasions I have required support the response has been exceptionally fast and helpful. A true example of good old fashioned customer service.... 
Andy Harris
13th of August 2017
 ...I also had not anticipated you giving me quite so much help for which I am eternally grateful....Thanks again Steve, I really appreciate your efforts.....  
Trevor Money
7th of August 2017
 ..I am impressed if that is going to be a usable template in the impingo system I am going to install on my site....That you so much for the effort you have gone to... 
Trevor Money
7th of August 2017
 ..I purchased Mobiclean PRO and I just wanted to let you know this is a wonderful tool! It works GREAT! It is very easy to use and it actually works exactly as you described. Keep up the great work!.. 
Mike Moore
13th of July 2017
 ...As usual, Steve, you are responsive, detailed, and effective. It doesn’t get any better than that and we are fortunate to have you working on this... 
Jack Cumming
9th of July 2017
 .. Just wanted to let you know I purchased Mobiclean Pro this afternoon and I love it! Thank you!!.. 
Tricia Fitzgerald
18th of June 2017
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