MobiFixit Utility for Mobirise

MobiFixit Utility for Mobirise
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Product Information

MobiFixIt Utility for Mobirise!

What can you do with MobiFixIt?

  • It allows you to backup all your key user data to another location/drive so that it can be restored at a later date, should you experience hard disk/computer failure or accidentally delete key files.
  • You can backup/restore:  
    • Project Data  
    • User Blocks  
    • Extensions  
    • Projects in AppData  
    • Projects in other folders  
    • Recents List
  • It allows you to search for projects in any drive/folder and view details about any project.
  • It allows you to Copy Projects from one folder to another.
  • It allows you to rename a project.
  • It allows you to re-instate a project that has disappeared from the Latest sites Panel in Mobirise.
  • It allows you to view all history files for a project and delete those no longer required.
  • It will auto-search to find your Mobirise AppData and default Projects folders or you can set them manually.
  • If you have multiple versions of Mobirise installed in separate folders the system can search for these and save the locations etc.
  • You can launch a specific installed Mobirise version from within MobiFixIt.
  • If you have the Code Editor MobiFixit will identify the current Code-Editor installed and install a different version for you.
  • Install special Custom Blocks for FREE from within MobiFixIt to use in your Mobirise Projects (Note: some blocks will not be available in all themes/mobirise versions).
  • View details of all extensions installed so you can check version numbers etc. and also view extensions that have been removed from Mobirise.

System Requirements:

Windows 7,8 or 10 English File/Folder Names
Mobirise Program V4.x.x
Processor 2Ghz or better




ManufacturerRichoSoft Squared


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