5 Star French Registration Form 180423fr

5 Star French Registration Form 180423fr
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Product Information

5 STAR REGISTRATION SYSTEM with reCaptcha2 with PHP FormMailfor  Mobirise* sites.


Aids GDPR Compliance on Registrations and Newsletter Sign-ups!

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This item will be discontinued soon..

Easy to Add Registration Form Extension and Un-Subscribe Form Extension and a Management Page for subscriber lists to your Mobirise sites.

Keeps everything on your own server and does not use Formoid!


Helps you conform to the GDPR.

Works with Mobirise 3 & 4 (Except 4.2.3 which has an issue with all extensions)

System Requirements

What you need to use the system

  • A Mobirise Site V3  or V4 (4.4.5 recommended).
  • A PHP enabled server V5.4 or later with MySqli extension.
  • CURL, and PHP FormMail enabled server
  • API Keys from Google for reCaptcha2
  • 1 MySQL database
  • Mobirise Code Editor


  • Easy Set Up Registration and Unsubscribe Extensions.
  • Let users subscribe to your site or Newsletter.
  • On registration a record is added to the database and an email sent to site owner and submitter (optional)
  • On unsubcribing the subscriber is immediately deleted from the database automatically.
  • Option to set Accept Terms and Accept Privacy Policy required checkboxes which will not allow the form to be submitted unless checked (Must be set to requifred to comply with GDPR)
  • Email to notify the sign up can be sent to the site owner and additional addresses.
  • Copy of the email can be sent to the subscriber (optional)
  • Both the emails include details of whether the Terms and Privacy were Accepted and additional which version of them they accepted.
  • Email to the subscriber contains an unsubscribe link.
  • Unsubscribe links can be added to any emails/newsletters you send out to subscribers, and these can be customsied to auto-fill their email address on the unsubscribe page.
  • Password protected page to manage subscriber list which includes:
    • Encrypted password
    • List of active subscribers with the version of terms and privacy they accepted, IP address, Name, Email and Date added.
    • Each record has a delete button to manually remove them from the list.
    • Option to export the current llist of subscribers to a csv file.
    • Change Password option.
    • Log Out Button.
  • A colour selector for the Submit Buttons.
  • Separate Accept Terms and Accept Privacy boxes that can be set to required or not, if set to required form can only be submitted if they are selected.
  • Option to add Terms and Privacy Versions, so you can record which version of your privacy and terms were accepted by the user.
  • Emails now include confirmation of which Terms and Privacy the user accepted or not accepted. This is confirmed in the emails to the site owner(s) and the copy to the submitter (if selected).
  • Automatically adds required libraries and scripts to assets folder and page
  • Add to any Mobirise Site
  • Field Validation Included
  • Sends submitters IP address with submlitted details
  • Uses Google reCaptcha2 to help stop spam
  • Uses 1 MySQL database, tables auto-created the first time the pages are accessed.
  • Includes user guide PDF and all required files
  • Keeps everything on your own server and does not use Formoid!
  • Includes 2 Extensions, to Simply import into Mobirise and some files with text in them to copy and paste into an HTML block for the subscriber list block.
What's In the Pack?
All Required Support Files - 2 X Richosoft created Extensions, and code for the list subscribers page, extensions automatically install required files and libraries.
User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your system.

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.


* Mobirise and the Mobirise Logo are trademarks of Mobirise.com and are acknowledged as such.
* Google is a trademark of Google Inc. and is acknowledged.
































































































































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