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Impact CMS PRO System
for X6/X7/X8*
Let Clients edit content
on-line live without WebPlus

Ultimately easy to install to allow, clients to edit their site page’s content online live!

Ultimate quality, lowest prices and unrivalled service, give you the best deal you will find anywhere.  

Site WPP - An X6/X7/X8 WPP to customise as you wish using standard WebPlus features that includes the complete system.

User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your system.

Asset Pack - The pack includes an asset pack to add the necessary files/code etc. to your client sites, it also includes a debugger tool to help identify problems with the page set up.

Backup Embedded Files - You also get backup copies of all files embedded in the WPP just in case you accidentally remove them.

This is probably the ONLY CMS system both designed specifically for WebPlus and in a single WebPlus WPP + Asset Pack.

Both the X6, X7 and X8 systems will allow the client editing of both X6, X7 and X8 client sites.

No programming skills required, if you can use WebPlus, you can use the Impact CMS system easily.

The system is designed to work Cross-Domain, so client sites on a different domain to your control panel can be edited.

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.

In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide, and all files embedded in the WPP are provided separately as a backup, ‘just in case’.

WebPlus - You will require Serif WebPlus X6, X7 or X8 to use the standard system, to install and customise the template for your WebPlus site, and your client’s sites must be created with WebPlus X6, X7 or X8.

Client Site Hosting - Client sites can be hosted on almost all types of hosting packages, including Serif Hosting as they do not require PHP or MySQL to be editable with this system.

Web Server - You will require a PHP enabled web server with a MySQL database for the Control Panel System.

You will also need WebPlus X6/X7/X8 and/or X6/X7/X8 (for control panel and to create client sites) and/or an FTP client such as FileZilla (optional).

Your host must support PHP and MySQL versions 5.2 or later are recommended.

Magic Quotes must be disabled on Server.

Imagick extension should be installed on Server.

CORS support on Server†.


*System Templates designed for Serif WebPlus X6, X7 and X8.  

What’s included in the pack!
System Requirements
What’s New in the PRO version
Screen Shots
Get Impact CMS PRO System
From our New SuperStore
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X6 Version






X6 Version



X6 Version









GB Pounds

GB Pounds

US Dollars

US Dollars



What’s Included | System Requirements | What’s New | Screen Shots | Get It!

Client Sites do NOT require PHP or MySQL - As there is no requirement for PHP or MySQL on client sites, client sites hosted on WebPlus Hosting are supported and will work with the system.


Browser Support - Both the client editing and Control Panel require one of the following browser versions (or later):

IE 10 - 11, Firefox 30 - 35, Chrome 27 - 40, Safari 5.1 - 8, Opera 23 - 26.  Mobile browsers not recommended for editing but will display edited client pages.

“…all seems to be working fine, logged in as admin and client, 
this is much better than Pagelime….”   Darren. 11th October 2014

These are standard on most Host’s installations with PHP v5.4 or later. If default Suhosin patch applied to 5.4 or earlier a slight change to one parameter maybe required. V5.3 or earlier may have Magic Quotes active. See How to adjust these in the user guide.

Available for


All the features of the Original Version here PLUS:

Note: Prices shown in $ and € are approximate and will depend on the current exchange rates.

Get Impact CMS PRO System for X6 Get Impact CMS PRO System for X7 V4.2 Get Impact CMS PRO System for X8 V4.2 “...everything is working really well. I tried a couple of experiments to try and "break" it but it seems robust… 
…I will certainly advocate Impact to other WebPlus users...”   Graham. 24th March 2015

Get Impact CMS PRO +  Mobile App for X6 Get Impact CMS PRO +  Mobile App for X7 V4.2 Get Impact CMS PRO +  Mobile App for X8 V4.2

Version 4.2 (X7/X8 Only) now available!

What’s New?